Graduate Instructor

Introduction to American Government (University of Missouri, PS1100):

Teaching Assistant

  • Politics of the American South: Spring 2014 (University of Missouri, PS4170). Instructor: L. Marvin Overby.
  • State Government: Independent Discussion Sections, Spring 2013 (University of Missouri, PS2100). Instructor: Peverill Squire (Student Evaluations).
  • Introduction to Political Theory: Fall 2013 (University of Missouri, PS2800). Instructor: Justin Dyer.
  • Political Behavior: Fall 2012 (University of Missouri, PS4110). Instructor: John R. Petrocik.
  • Political Parties and Election Campaigns: Spring 2012 (University of Missouri, PS4100). Instructor: Jay Dow.
  • The Constitution and Civil Rights: Fall 2011 (University of Missouri, PS4210). Instructor: Justin Dyer.