Read This Instead!


  • USA Politics & Policy Blog: Political science blog run out of the London School of Economics that covers recent research in American politics.
  • Duck of Minerva: An excellent academic blog that focuses more on world politics than the monkey cage.
  • The Mischiefs of Faction: The name is derived from Fed. 10, and as you might suspect, the blog focuses on political parties. Posts are from academics, primarily Americanists.
  • Political Science News from Science Daily: This site posts news stories on research done in (mostly) academic journals. This is a great resource to introduce undergrads to the kinds of work that political scientists do. It is also a great place to get summaries of some of the more interesting, controversial and relevant findings to emerge.


  • Open States: State-level data resource produced by the Sunlight Foundation, whose goal is openness and transparency in politics. This site provides legislator and bill information across the states as well as bulk download options for researchers.